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The original online UK specialist retailer in Running Buggies. Here to help you know which is the right running buggy for you & your baby from a fellow buggy running mum.

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Helpful blogs for the buggy runner- 2016 Best of! 👊


Helpful articles, sometimes interviews and maybe even personal experiences written by us on all things buggy running related.

Helpful blogs for the buggy runner- 2016 Best of! 👊

Wendy Rumble


The modern world is full of information.  It becomes hard to decipher what's real, and I'm not even talking politics here!  Blogs about products, because the writer has received discounts or free items, make it hard to know where real independent advice is.

I write short pieces in order to provide independent information, from one running mum to anyone who might be interested.  I'm no writer, comedian. professional athlete or healthcare expert.  I'm just a mum who has run with my children in most of the best running buggies in the UK. 


Here are links to my most popular articles from 2016.

Blog 1- Advice on Running Posture

Blog 2 - 7 Things that make a buggy suitable for running

Blog 3 - Fixed front wheel vs Swivel front wheel differences on Running buggies

Blog 4 - How I trained for my sub 4 hr Marathon pesonal best

Blog 5 - Fixing a running buggy punchure


 It was a close call! Lots more text to read in our Blogs section and if you are looking for 121 advice on running buggies then don't hesitate to contact me on