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The funny things people say in Reception at the House of Commons


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The funny things people say in Reception at the House of Commons

Wendy Rumble


Recently while explaining my business ( to a random stranger in a reception waiting room, I was challenged with 'by encouraging mum's to run with their buggies was I putting pressure on them to be Supermum.'  I'm familiar with the pressure that mum's are under these days to manage; jobs, home's, cooking, children and maybe even their appearance (if they have time for that) becuase I am a working mum with 2 small children so i'm in this world and experiencing this challenging 'phase' (please tell me it gets easier).

I found this idea this i'm putting mums under pressure to be supermum, baffling and instantly I panicked, desperately hoping people didn't think this of me.  I'm one of those people that always wants to be liked.  


The essence of my business and my mission, is to enable parents to have a buggy which enables them to have the freedom to run when they want, with their little one.  I believe that not enough people know about this as an option in the UK unlike in the United States or Australia.  Buggies are confusing and I want to help parents find the right one to suit their needs if they want to run with it.  This is my passion and why I have worked in all my spare time to build this business over the past year.

I do not judge parents who choose not to exercise.  I have many close friends and family members who don't.  Those parents will be doing many things far better than I am.  I'm in no doubt that their homes will be cleaner, tidier, with fuller fridges and better meals provided for their families.


I'm certainly not a supermum.  Every day I feel so tired I want to lie on the floor and go to sleep.  My children push me to my limits on a daily basis.  They scream in public and I shout in public.  With Running Buggies I'm not judging.  I don't mind if you run fast, run often.  I just want parents to know that if they do want to run when they have young children there are buggy options to enable this to happen safely and create some time for running.  Because running endorphin's are AMAZING and by god do you need them when you are sleep deprived!

On that note .... nuff said, i'm off to bed.