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7 things that make a buggy suitable for running


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7 things that make a buggy suitable for running

Wendy Rumble

So you want to go out running with your baby.  It’s the perfect solution, getting exercise with no childcare costs.  You have waited patiently for the 6 months mark to come around when you have read it’s safe to run with your child but is it okay to go out with your normal buggy?  Is it okay if they are in their car seat for extra padding?  Aren’t those inflatable tyres just a pain for punctures? SO many questions. 

The more suitable a buggy is for running the less suitable it will be for day to day use. Many people buy versions that can do both but compromise on running functionality to a degree.  Here is the summary of what makes a running buggy exactly that.

1)     Suspension

All models have rear wheel suspension which absorbs impact much like a mountain bike or car in order to make a smoother ride for the baby and it easier for you to push.

2)     Type of wheels

Pneumatic tyres are a must to absorb impact and for ease of movement.  All models are 3 wheelers and the bigger the wheels the easier it tends to be to push.  They vary from 20 inch to 16 inch on most running buggies.  Some have a smaller front wheel.  The clever folk at Mountain Buggy recognise it might be beneficial to have smaller wheels for urban use so provide free 12inch rear wheels with their Terrain too.

3)     Fixed front wheel

Having a fixed front wheel is important for running stability and therefore safety.  With a front wheel that swivels you can easily be bounced off an object and pulled to one side.  Having a model which gives the option to lock into place for running or swivel freely for normal use provides flexibility that many people are looking for.  The Thule Urban Glide, Britax Bob Revolution and the Mountain Buggy Terrain have this feature.

4)     Width of rear wheels

Although it’s not obvious to the naked eye, a running buggy has a wider rear wheel base to allow for your running stride.  Useful for providing a comfortable run and preventing injuries.  They all have the ability to be easily removed for travel and storage.  

5)     Storage

Some models look to provide storage solutions via pockets or under carriage baskets.  These are indeed handy when coming home from the shops but for the serious runner just add bulk and weight so many models do without them.  This also reduces any chance of them impacting stride length.

6)     Handbrake

This is for safety to slow you down when running downhill much like you would do on a bike.  Not on all models in the market. On our website the Thule Chariot Cross and Thule Urban Glide do not have them.

7)     Wrist Strap

A key safety measure to ensure that you do not lose control of the buggy if you fall.