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Dear Trade Description's Office, please read!  Sport or Jogger, really?!


Helpful articles, sometimes interviews and maybe even personal experiences written by us on all things buggy running related.

Dear Trade Description's Office, please read! Sport or Jogger, really?!

Wendy Rumble

So you are expecting your little bundle of joy and your start the rather large task of buying the said required 'gear' for the new arrival. 

The ability to take your precious bundle places is pretty important. Car seat's, slings, prams, travel systems.... The amount of choice in this area is staggering.  And who do you ask for advice? Mothercare, Bounty magazines? Mumsnet?  Family? Friends?

So it really DOESN'T help when manufacturers name their buggies/prams/strollers in a misleading way!   


So here is the key message to take away- Just because it has SPORT or Jogger in the name doesn't mean it's suitable for running with!  I'm sure it must be against trade descriptions but no one ever complains because parents are too blooming busy/tired/weak from the challenges of the new daily grind.  It amazes me a whole brand of buggies can be called Baby Jogger when only 1 model is a running buggy! (Summit x3)


So what makes a running buggy just that? Well we have another blog to go into detail on that, here.

But in short it's; Suspension, large inflatable tires, a fixed front wheel option, 5 point safety harness, wrist strap and some have a helpful handbrake too.  

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about people exercising in what ever way is possible, in whatever gear.  But it just makes me really cross when a friend buys a buggy labelled Sport and finds its not very easy to run with, so stops!

I started up® in 2015 with the idea that I wanted to help demystify this topic and help people with their choice of buggy. So if you want to talk to a mum, who runs, and has run with quite a lot of different buggies, then drop me a line!