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Running Buggies, babies and boobies


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Running Buggies, babies and boobies

Wendy Rumble

Boobydoo, an independent U.K. online company, who specialise in sports bras recently invited me, buggy running mum of 2, to try out the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra, £39.95 RRP.  Identified by these sports bra enthusiasts as perfect for my high impact buggy running needs I was keen to give it a good test.  And not just for short distances either, I wanted to see what would happen during the long runs when I fully expect chaffage and incisions where the seams cut in.  

I had to take their advice on size, bigger on the chest measurement and smaller on the cups (doh) but it's worth saying I'm not blessed with large baps.  All my other sports bras are the crop top style. And I have learnt apparently boob's move 14 cm when running! 

From the outset this felt tighter and a more secure fit.  Although I was pleased with that, I was concerned it may cut in around the underarm or cause chaffing around the different material of the chest band.  I wasn't really sure how tight to adjust the shoulder straps but like with all things it's trial and error.  It wasn't difficult to get on or off.  Nothing compare to spanks!

I shouldn't have worried! I have now tested the bra on short sharp buggy runs and up to 17 miles.  It hasn't caused me any discomfort, cuts, chaffage or general malfunction!  I am a complete convert and it is now my absolute favourite bra for running.

The only time it didn't work for me was at the gym when lying my back, due to the plastic clip which sits between the shoulder blades.  So sit ups and ab work is better for me in the crop top style.  

Style wise, I love the bright pink colour of the one I have.  It comes up higher than my other bras so does show above some vests marginally.  But I'll take that for the superb support it provides.  Because let's face it, the point of these nifty things is to strap the bangers down for a comfy running experience and prevent super saggy jubblies in the future. (That is prevent them getting even worse than they actually get after having babies, feeding babies and then losing baby weight!)

Overall would really recommend! 


They also stock many options with front zips which make breastfeeding easier.