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Buggy Running... my thoughts one year on by Mel

Wendy Rumble


It’s been one whole year since I picked up my Mountain Buggy Terrain and started running with Austin.

Well, 13 months to be precise but luckily for you, I’m not one of those mums who gives out their
children’s ages by month after they hit one - basically because I can’t be bothered to do the maths. I felt a bit emosh looking back at our first buggy running pics. Yes, there have been days that have seemingly gone on forever. You know, the ones where your child(ren) wakes up at 4.45am, high on goodness knows what, and you’ve eaten your lunch by 10am, cried 20+ times collectively, then your partner calls at 5.30pm and you foolishly allow yourself to hope that they’re phoning to say that they’re on their way home but they’re actually ‘stuck’ in the office and won’t make it for bedtime…. Fortunately, there have been plenty of awesome moments too, mostly involving cuddles, bundles of laughter and a heart-melting ‘love you’ from Austin once at bedtime *immediately runs downstairs, removes child ebay listing and sobs into bar of chocolate*


So, one year older, another year wiser (humour me), and I thought I’d share my thoughts:
1. Mindfulness (cringe)
I don’t know what it is about the ‘M’ word but I hate it! Every time I see it I think yawn/eye roll/cringe. If someone can come up with a sexier name for this please, that would be great. I mean what even is mindfulness? I tried to read up on it a few times and was still none the wiser. It was only recently in reading Clare Pooley’s fabulous book where she explains that for her it’s basically an activity that you can get lost in, that I realised that’s exactly what exercise is for me! When I’m out buggy running, my mind wanders off occasionally but for most of the time I’m either taking in the surroundings or breaking my run down into manageable chunks (5km = 5 x 1km, first and last km don’t count so it’s basically 3 x 1km, which is totally doable, repeat ad infinitum). So yeah, buggy running totally nails mindfulness *self high five*.


2. Comparison is the thief of joy
It may be a cheesy quote but who doesn’t love a bit of oozy brie every now and again? In starting my buggy running journey, I also threw myself into social media, mainly Instagram. I’m not about to paint a negative picture of social media, I think it’s ace. However, there are a few traps that I’ve fallen into, one being the amount of time spent scrolling – hello @llamawithnodrama ! The other main pitfall is comparing my fitness journey to others. Bottom line is, you are on your own journey. Susan runs 4:30 kms with her buggy and you run 6:30 kms. Linda over there was running the day after she gave birth and let’s not even talk about Janet who is two weeks post-partum and back in her skinny white jeans…Who actually cares?? Chances are, these people have a whole other bunch of crap going on in the background too. An insta square is maybe 5% of someone’s day. If anyone makes you feel inadequate then hit that unfollow button and don’t look back. Big shout out to @classeswithlorna @thebuggycoach and @upallhoursphotos who continue to keep it real on the ‘gram, you’re all the tits.


3. I actually enjoy running
Now this is quite a major revelation for me. Yes, I’ve always played team sports and enjoyed exercising, but my preferred distance was the 30m sprint, probably still my best one with a proper warm up. I was actually really nervous about buggy running because running has never been something I’ve been ‘good’ at. Fast forward (many years) and last week I chose to take Austin for a buggy run on holiday, even though there was childcare on tap! Amazing. It’s been a slow journey this year; regaining my fitness post second C section has been tough, not to mention the two hyper-mischievous boys to contend with. But, I’ve done it, one whole year of buggy running and I’m super proud! Major highlights include buggy running the London 10km with Jake, discovering the cycling and walking trails around my local area, and having super valuable ‘me-time’ at my disposal without the mum guilt! Would I do it again? In a


Thanks for reading, and I hope I’ve inspired you to get involved and get active!
Love Mel x


Runderwear - superhero pants review

Wendy Rumble

Being busy parent, the last thing on your mind might be which pants to throw on to exercise in.  But once the miles start to rack up you may start wondering what options there are which will ensure you don't get lacerated at the leg/crotch junction.  I mean seriously, why do all knicker manufacturers have frills along the seams which are equivalent to a cheese grater on a long run.  When I started out running longer distances in 2009, (London Marathon training which was my first ever event over 5K), I went through the agony of this pants discovery.  I have a memory of going to work with cycling shorts under my trousers to cover up the Sudocrem which was supposed to healing all the chaffage in order to enable the training plan to continue.  (Which it thankfully did, I completed my first ever marathon in 4hr25 mins.)  


Underwear specifically suitable for exercise isn't just something for crazy elite runners, anyone running regularly and sweating in their smalls should consider investing in some 'favourite' pants for the endeavour.  Many end up going without/commando/free-balling/free-buffing to avoid the scouring of their creases.

Last year I heard about the brand RUNDERWEAR through Facebook advertising and then a few friends rave reviews, so when I got talking to one of the co-owners at the London Marathon EXPO it was wonderful to wax lyrical about how to build a running brand   They sell British designed, men's and women's underwear which is; seamless, chafe free, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and ethically sourced. The pants come in a variety of different styles and I have tried both the full brief, low rise hipster pants and crop top.  


I'm not used to pants that come up to my belly button so this took a little getting used to.  However I've been trialling them now for a month and I can 100% endorse that they are hugely comfortable to wear and unlike any other I have experienced.  They do not ride up or move (anywhere) and having inter changed them with a normal cotton pant (which moves around and stays damp) the moisture wicking properties are also excellent.  I have been converted to them for all my runs now!  The Crop Top is a fab low impact (not for running) option for the gym when you need to lie on your back for exercises and not be on any fastenings.  The wicking material on the bra also prevented any chaffage and the hot pink colour looked great peeping out from under tops.

I've never been superslim, I could blame having kids but the fact is I love food and wine far too much! Which the very reason that I did that aforementioned London Marathon in 2009 because I was fed up of being on Weight Watchers and I'd heard the weight just drops off you when you are marathon training!  

So posting a picture of myself in underwear in a blog may be a sign of me losing my mind BUT I have strong ethics, If i say i'm going to review something then I do it properly.  Here is a selfie snap of me pre-exercise wearing the Low Rise pant and crop top today, because my 4 year old isn't quite up to the photography task yet. 


Wearing Low Rise Pant £16, Low impact Crop Top £25, LINK TO BUY extra 10% off offer with newsletter subscription on their website currently. 

**Samples were provided to me to test for the purpose of this review.**

Double running buggy options in the UK

Wendy Rumble


Now in many cases I like to think I live in a progressive nation, rule Britannia and all... 

However, as anyone who has twins or children with a close age gap will discover, there is a real lack of double running buggy options available.  In this day and age you would think that here in the U.K. we would get what's sold in the USA, or even Europe when it comes to buggies.  Sadly no.  So much so, that I started a petition last year to get manufacturer's to bring the models they had in Europe or the USA, here.  Since then Out 'n' About have launched their's.  (More info at the bottom of this piece)


Unfortunately it's more expensive to make buggies for the UK due to the extra strict fire retardant regulations which should be applied to anything that comes in the home.  I'm told we should blame the fire of London, if you believe that!

Britax who own the BOB have discontinued their running doubles (Duallie) in the U.K. in all variants (Ironman, Revolution and Sport Utility) and the ones still knocking about are pretty heavy and don't fit through doorways.  

I used to have a fixed front wheel BOB Sport Utility and it was pretty hard to lift to steer with a 4 yr old and 18 month old in.


From that I went to the THULE Chariot Cougar and then more recently their updated model, Thule Chariot Cross 2.  

This is a bike trailer which converts into a running buggy, stroller or even ski buggy, with the right attachments!  So in weight terms it's similar to the BOB doubles, but it is far easier to steer and push. It's a really smooth ride and perfect for older kids because the front completely closes over.  Raincover is included and seat’s individually recline slightly!  And no risking lost iPads, toys etc. But being a multi sport trailer, it's pricey.


However it's a hard wearing piece of kit and will last and last.  Because of this resale value is also strong.  Overall this type of double is my preference with my two girls, as it accommodates the eldest better.


In other countries Thule have a double Urban Glide and this is coming to the U.K. in April 2018!  This is a swivel front wheel double buggy which all the features for running that you would need.  Contact for more details.


The British company, Out 'n' About have a very popular (non running buggy). model called the 360 double which has many features of a running buggy EXCEPT the handbrake and the rear wheel being 16 inch. And obviously as it not designed for running with, any damage caused by running wouldn't be covered under warranty.

In 2016 they merged the design of their popular Single Nipper Sport v4 with their 360 double to create a light, fixed front wheel double running buggy.  It has 16 inch wheels all round to provide a smooth ride and can fit through doorways!

Like all the Out 'n' About buggies,  the Sport Double comes with a free rain cover so overall works out to be hundreds of pounds cheaper than the bike trailer option. It's very light (11.5kgs) which is always a benefit when pushing two kids and especially when steering a fixed front wheel, which needs lifting up.  It's folds in half so will fit in most car boots plus has a handbrake to slow you down if needed down hill.  At the moment it's sole colour option is in steel grey. 


It's a really fab double running buggy and great value.  

I (Wendy) started up Running Buggies .Com in 2015 in order to help parents find their perfect running buggy.  I'm always delighted to answer questions as I'm a Buggy nerd, and if you are looking for a community to ask questions then I also run the group THE ORIGINAL BUGGY RUNNERS on Facebook.  

Running Buggy Video's (Single buggy & comparisons)

Wendy Rumble

Want to get more of a feel for the running buggies?  The best way is to take a look at some of our video's before you make your purchase decision.

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