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5 things to make your buggy run easier

Wendy Rumble


Finding the energy to go for a run can be a challenge when you have children but then consider adding some extra ‘load’, (which is the professionals way of saying weight), and it’s even harder! So how do you make it as easy as possible?

1) Pack very light! I’ve been buggy running for nearly 5 years now and not once have I had to change a nappy mid run.   if you want to build up to this confidence take 1 nappy, 1 bag and wipes.  If I was only planning to be out for 30 mins then Infigured it’s not a disaster to just wait till I’m back.


2) Go easy on the liquids. Yes hydration is important but for a short run of under an hour you don’t need to have water on board for you (unless it’s extremely hot weather) and certainly not a big water bottle full.  This is quite an added weight to push but one I see all the time.


3) Pumped. Ensure your tyres are inflated to the right pressure. Soft, under inflated tyres are much harder to push. 

4)  Join a supportive community.  I have a Facebook community called The Original Buggy Runners. You can ask questions, receive support on your experiences and also enter awesome competitions! 


5) Happy buggy buddy. Making your little one happy will enable a stress free buggy run. When they are little time it after a sleep and feed.  Pop the raincover on to create a cosy cocoon. When they are older take snacks and technology! 

Good luck with your runs! Enjoy the freedom of your running buggy!

Wendy x