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6 ridiculous things people say to Buggy Runners

Wendy Rumble

I started running with a buggy in 2012 with my first daughter and back then in the U.K. it was rather unusual a pastime.  Since starting up a business specialising in selling running buggies and a running club for parents (Buggy Squad) I feel like I’ve heard it all from random passers by!


So here is my top 5 random comments;

1- ‘I don’t mind you walking but you shouldn’t  run along here’ (a dog walker on a public park path) errrr I pay my council tax too?

2- ‘can I get in? often with...


3- ‘how about you give me a push in that? ‘ (a favourite at the London Marathon Expo)

4 - ‘that poor child...’ which is especially amusing when the child is sleeping. Would they say it if you were walking, I think not.

5- ‘that’s an advantage, you have wheels to help‘ and 30kgs to push uphill? Definitely NOT and advantage. Especially when you have to maintain a conversation, pick up discarded toys and endure crying till they fall asleep.

6 - ‘you should be at the back!’ Starting at the back makes no sense. It’s far more dangerous for us to overtake a solo runners than the other way round.  Most organised group runs specify this as a safety measure but a self seeding pace approach is far more sensible.  Unfortunately I had one chap flick me the V when I was running near him at parkrun with my double Thule Chariot Cross. It was rather awkward at the end when he apologised and explained but I hadn’t noticed at the time! 

Bonkers isn’t it! But it’s not all bad.  Sometimes you can go on a run and everyone will be positive. Suddenly you are running in a way that makes people feel like they can talk to you, ‘wow you’re supermum’ ‘that’s brilliant, I wish they had those when mine were little’ or even a simple ‘well done’!


My top tip to prevent any 3rd party annoyance (because we get enough stress from our passengers) is a loud ‘excuse me, Buggy to your right/left’ and even louder ‘thank you’ . 

 Happy buggy running 👌

Wendy x