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It's time to ditch the nappy bag...

Wendy Rumble

When I was pregnant I was really excited about buying a nappy bag.  It seemed like a crucial piece of kit which would be with me on all outings for the immediate future.  Bag was chosen and gifted for a lovely birthday present, and this mum to be was superbly happy. (Well apart from the swollen ankles and being uncomfortably pregnant)

Now my youngest monkey is 2, this bag sits in the corner gathering dust and I have discovered a new way of doing things.

My old bag became a huge, heavy overflowing bag of crumbs and soggy wipes.  I could never close it properly so I lost wallet's, phones and numerous soft toys from the overflowing Pandora’s box.  I know some mums are really organised with their bags, putting elastic bags around nappies and keeping things in storage bags however my bag of mess became even more cumbersome to use when my 'spirited' toddler decided she wanted to run away and never hold my hand on a daily basis.  Said (dirt) bag would be flung over my shoulder and items would shower out like saliva from your old geography teacher during a rant about global warming.

Fast forward to January 2017 and I have found the perfect solution to this problem without even knowing I was looking for a solution.  (Which busy mum actually has time to look for solutions, they really must present themselves or be made obvious by our loved ones)


Let me introduce you to the Thule 20L Day Pack.

Rucksack, you say with one slightly raised eyebrow...... hmm well if you haven't tried one lately don't write it off straight away.  The bag by the Scandi's outdoor guru's, THULE, has become my daily staple.  And here is why;

1) You can run with it.  Perfect for the buggy run when you need to take more than the basket will carry.  It has all the appropriate straps which tighten to enable to fit snugly so you can run easily.  It has back mesh so you don't get an uncomfortably hot back, but let’s face it nothing really stops the back sweat completely!

2) As a mum/dad bag It holds a decent amount of STUFF.  But critically not too much.  This means that you have the essential changing roll in there and some spare clothes but not the kitchen sink.


3) It's comfy to wear!  Hello velour and onsies.  This bag feels blooming great once it's back there.  So I'm keen to get both straps over my shoulders and get on with the immediate tasks of controlling my children, akin to herding cats.  My old bag was a bit like a volcano bubbling away and ready to erupt at any time.  Mostly when it was flung over a shoulder or down under a table in a cafe.  

4) It has some handy pockets, which make it more versatile than the 15L version I have tried.  I particularly enjoy having my phone in the front pocket on the arm strap to satisfy my social media addiction (stretchy fabric should fit most, mine is an iPhone 6s for context).  2 drinks holders for you or the kids.  A larger pocket for a water bladder, or just wet clothes and a mesh pocket inside.  You do have to get used to less than the million compartments you get in a nappy bag at first, but once I realised this meant carrying less stuff around it really helped simplify things.  Big plus for my sleep deprived brain.


5) It's safe.  Now we all know about the risks of the Artful Dodger and my old, over spilling dirt bag was like a loot of sweets on Halloween waiting to be gobbled up.   However, a far greater risk is my children going into the bag, taking its contents out and then leaving me to scoop up only half its contents when I come to leave.  This bag is harder for kid’s and robbers to get in.  Big plus!


6) Finally, It look’s nice!  I like to run.  I work in the corporate world and in the start-up small business world.  I am a mum but I also want to look *cool*, *rad*, *sic* (delete as appropriate) not like I’m about to go rambling.  Rumbles can’t ramble, it just doesn’t work with the name.

For me this bag ticks all the boxes.  Scandi design wins every time!  So be brave and ditch the nappy bag and embrace the rucksack!

The THULE Stir 20L backpack comes in 3 colours, here shown in Roarange!!  Also Dark Shadow (dark grey) and Fjord. (Teal)  RRSP £70

If you are interested then let us know and we can get one in for you!