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Ten reasons why buggy running is awesome


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Ten reasons why buggy running is awesome

Wendy Rumble

Okay so I became sold on the idea of buggy running quite a few years back now and way before I started up 

I feel it's my duty (not in a military serving kind of way, we aren't that serious) to spread the word about this amazing activity which will make your life much easier. 

  1. It's the ultimate way to multitask.  Exercising, baby napping, mail posted, milk bought and I could go on) 
  2. Dads can earn brownie points by taking the little one out for a run and giving mum a break.  (Big fans of this)
  3. When you consider the cost of a crèche at the gym,  the buggy option is much cheaper, working out at about £2.35 per run (one a week for 3 years and the cost of the buggy dependent obvs.)
  4. Fresh air rocks.  Makes you feel better and makes baby feel better.   It's true what your mother used to tell you.
  5. Sunlight... As above rocks.  Vitamin D is essential for life and those happiness hormones we need a boost of when sleep deprived.
  6. You get to hang out with your favourite little dude and chat about wildlife, nature and trips to the park mid run. 
  7. You are setting the perfect example to your children about staying fit and exercising as a team.  You are their superhero role model and remember they learn by watching.... (Your every move... Insert evil laugh here)
  8. Forget running buggies as a 2nd buggy, many models (Terrain, Thule) have carry cots, car seat adapters or lie flat options making them suitable from birth becoming the very serious sounding 'travel system'.
  9. Running buggies hold good value and as running is super popular the re-sale market for 2nd hand ones is booming.
  10. Buggy running it makes you faster and stronger! Pushing a load no matter how small is harder than not so obviously this means when you run buggy-less you feel like you can fly!   

Insert R.Kelly music here .... I believe I can fly....

Happy Buggy Running!