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Dads, earn brownie points while you exercise (BUGGY RUN)


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Dads, earn brownie points while you exercise (BUGGY RUN)

Wendy Rumble

I don’t need to tell you fitting in exercise guilt free when you are a parent is a challenge.   

So let’s cut to the chase - the best solution to all this is to go running and to take your little one(s) with you in a buggy that’s suitable for running. 

Here are our top ten reasons if you weren’t convinced already:

  1. Buggy running is harder than normal running so that makes you fitter, stronger and better than the next guy just plodding along unaccompanied by a sprog.

  2. If you train with a running buggy then race without, you will be faster, #fact.

  3. Research shows that kids learn from their parents.  Exercising with them from an early age sets an inspirational example.

  4. You will give your partner a break while you exercise which means you are thoughtful and kind while you are getting fit.

  5. Exercising makes you feel more awake and helps your physical and mental well being

  6. The happy chemicals you get from your run will make you a better, more fun dad.

  7. As many of our mothers told us, fresh air is good for us, especially kids.  If you exercise out doors, your body will learn to breathe more deeply, allowing even more oxygen to get to your muscles and your brain.

  8. You and your little one get wonderful sunlight on your skin which is essential for Vitamin D absorption.

  9. Kids sleep with the combination of fresh air and movement.  Time it right and you can have a peaceful run which your little one sleeps through and then wakes up refreshed.

  10. Save money, forget expensive gym memberships with crèche fees on top.   Invest in a running buggy which you can use to run with, walk off road and even take to the park to contend with those annoying piles of bark.


And I could keep going….I’m sure you are now convinced that buggy running IS the way forward.  If you are interested in buying one from a small independent run business, check out for a comprehensive comparison of the key running buggy brands in order to help you choose the right one.