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Why your Running Buggy is your Running Buddy


Helpful articles, sometimes interviews and maybe even personal experiences written by us on all things buggy running related.

Why your Running Buggy is your Running Buddy

Wendy Rumble

The beauty of running with a buggy is that I can do it when it suits me best. That might be after a school drop off, during the day when I get a spare moment, or maybe even when my littlest one is so cranky it's just a better option than getting in the car and driving.  


Before kids came along I used to have so much freedom to exercise when I fancied it.  In the mornings maybe a spin class, in the evenings a run or games of hockey on the weekends.  Now it's just not that easy.  

We are under heaps of pressure to banish the spare tyre's, eat clean, smash through HIIT sessions , cut out caffeine, sugar and even more tragic booze.  But when you are looking after (coping with) children and maybe even work too, it can feel impossible to fit it all in.


I want to join a running club and meet mum's who run.  But I don't know how to find the time or energy in the evening.

The rise n popularity of social media groups like run mummy run and @ukrunchat is evidence people want this community feel, on their schedule.


Recently a buggy running mum, from such a group, suggested going out together only to find out she only wanted to do mid week day run which aren't feasible for me due to work.   She wasn't interested in one at the weekends which I understand is precious family time. 

So I'm not going to beat myself for not having a running BUDDY.  I'm going to celebrate that having a running BUGGY gives me the freedom to run when I can summon up the energy and it works for my family.

Plus it's never solo is it, you have your gorgeous little bubba buddy with you don't you!  Escape the stuffy and happy buggy runnin!